Tumble Stones

We have over 300 varieties of crystals and minerals. All crystal tumbles are good quality polished natural stones.

We generally supply stones relative to weight, rather than size, as this can vary with density or shape of particular crystals. Sizes shown are only a general guide and some crystals will fall outside this classification

All our crystals are graded - Gem quality; AAA; AA; A and B - these are the highest grades for crystals and prices reflect the quality - gem quality may cost 4 - 5 times as much as B Some crystals appear totally different in colour, pattern and translucence even though they are of the same type.  There can be several different types of the same generic crystals - this is due to many factors including quality, country of origin and mineral formations. Some crystals may even have two or more different names, dependent on location, colour or pattern.

multi tourmaline

Small under 5grm

blue jade tumble

Medium min 5gr 12mm

helidor small tumble

Large min 10gr 20mm

ametrine aa tumble

Extra Large 15gr min 25mm

Chrysocolla gem xl

Jumbo 20gr min 30mm

We have a large selection of quality tumblestones available. Additionally we have many unusual and rare stones available We also have a selection of Crystal Packs including mixed medium, small and micro crystals as well as chakra and complementary colour therapy crystals

        Group A features the most popular stones are priced from 1 each

        Group B features less well-known stones are priced from 1 each

          Medium - features medium sizes as well as selected sets of related crystals

        Rare features unusual and interesting crystals

          Rare small features unusual and interesting crystals in smaller sizes

        Extra Large feature stones over 15gr

        Jumbo feature stones over 20gr

        Polished chips features a range of polished gemstone chips in bottles


We also do packs of mixed crystals from micro to large Micro stones approx 1mm - 50 per 10gr Mini stones approx 3mm - 15 per 10gr  Tiny stones approx 5mm - 8 per 10gr  Small stones approx 10mm - 3 per 10gr

Check out our Packs Page for larger quantities of popular stones

crystals page

Relative approximate sizes of crystals: medium, small, mini, micro