Meditation is a form of focusing your mind and energies, there are several benefits from this. Firstly, it enables you to calm and centre yourself, thus enabling you to face problems and issues rationally, frequently finding the answer within.

Secondly, it stills chaotic thoughts and, by emptying your mind of surface thoughts, allows problems to be dealt with individually; removing and separating the emotion from the issue. Finally, it could also be used in conjunction with relaxation techniques or as an aid to underpin other tools that enhance mind power.  These are attitude, attention, interest, relaxation and repetition, used in conjunction with written, spoken and visual cues.

We have many aids to meditation and these can be used together or separately to focus concentration and energies. From Hynotherapy CDs from one of the world leading experts to stress relief stones and Mala beads, as well as a complete new section on candles and incense. 

Click on Information and connect to understanding Meditation and some Meditation Techniques which have been found to be very effective both for beginners and intermediate levels.

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