The five senses in harmony ensure that life not only feels good but is immeasurably improved for oneself and those around us. We believe that not only do crystals enhance and support this vision, but that by looking and feeling good it gives confidence in ourselves and our choices. We have, therefore, added a range of complementary lifestyle products which are designed and chosen to appeal to each and every sense and which promote a more harmonious lifestyle. 

Use these to complement crystals. Indulge in the sheer joy of a luxurious bath with soothing scents of rose or lavender; or detox your body with a Himalayan salt bath, tone up with envigorating pine. Sleep restfully with pleasant dreams with subtle Lavender or Patchouli. Disperse stale smoking or bathroom odours, unwanted kitchen or barbeque smells with Pumice stones or Simmering salt granules. Even spruce up an event with Romance or Christmas related scents. Send a scented present or card with a few fragrance grains added to the packaging. Get rid of insects at a barbeque or outdoor party - use natural Citronella.  Choose from over 50 fragrances to suit your mood, environment and home life. 

Gift for a friend (or treat for yourself), why not an unusual and pretty gift - put one or two of our fizz hearts or ovals, scented bath salts or heart soaps; or even fill it with rose petals, lavender seeds, cornflower or calendula flowers, add a crystal in a pretty drawstring organza pouch - perfect present . Birthdays can be stressful, wondering what to get, finding a gift that is just a little bit different without it costing the earth - we can help. Combine a crystal with an indulgence and get the benefit for mind, body and soul.  

Aromatherapy for easing and relaxing - linseed and wheat pillows and scented bath salts.

Scents for meditation, celebration, fun or pleasure 

Lovely gemstone hearts for giving or for oneself

Beautiful glass carvings, pyramids, spheres in clear and coloured glass.  Lazer created glass ornaments as well as spiritual and mythical creatures.