Crystal Healing

The healing and meditational properties of crystals have been known for several thousand years. The Indian Sages, Medicine Men of Native Americans, Aztecs, Celts, Egyptians, Shaman and others, did not use quartz crystals because they were naive primitive people; they used it because they knew its properties from observation and experience. They used it because it worked.

Crystals vibrate to a set, regular pattern which is so harmonious, it is used in watches and clocks to keep the timing accurate. This vibrational energy can also be used to harmonise the body and mind and align charkas.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means circle and movement. Chakras represent lines of force; where two lines of force cross is used as an acupuncture point; when twelve or more lines cross there is a Chakra. It is also an energy vortex, and like all vortices can become affected by external and internal stress.

Chakra points start at the base of the spine; and have colours which relate to each area. These colours are reflected in the stones that are used to focus energy and balance the aura

crystal healing02

Attune the stones to your vibrational energy; you can do this by holding them in one hand and sitting quietly. Clear your mind of all negative thoughts and concentrate on flooding the stones with positive energy.

Then take each stone in turn and hold it close to the related chakra point. Visualise its properties and how it can be utilised to aid yourself and those around you.

Crystals can be used around the home as a decorative focus, or to reduce the effects of electro-magneto pollution and emotional areas. Amethyst or rose quartz used in the bedroom can aid in adjusting disturbed sleep patterns.

Used in the garden, they can create a harmonious and mysterious place for quiet reflection, meditation or relaxation. Used in conjunction with meditation, these can become places of harmony and a quiet retreat after a stressful day. Also it has been found that amethyst or rose quartz can aid in rejuvenating a sickly or ailing plant.

Wearing crystals can be beneficial and can balance your inner power. Plants also have been known to benefit from crystals placed around their roots.