THE BASE CHAKRA - Muladhara - Earth
The Base chakra is located at the base of the spines. This is synonymous with grounding. When working with this chakra, visualise red or black and use red or black crystals. Suggested stones:  Red jasper; Red tiger eye; Red coral; Black tourmaline; Obsidian; Red aventurine; Mookaite; Petrified Wood; Tigranite; Garnet; Ruby; Brecciated jasper; Tektite; Haematite;

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THE SACRAL CHAKRA - Svadisthana - Water
The Sacral chakra is located in the abdomen area just below the navel. It is the centre of reproduction and motivation and is associated with the emotions. The function of this chakra is desire, pleasure, sexuality, and procreation. If this chakra is blocked, a person may be restless and confused. When the chakra is functioning properly, the individual will feel emotional gratification, courage, and attraction to the opposite sex. The Visualise orange for strengthening or balancing this chakra and work with stones in all orange shades. Suggested stones; Orange calcite; Carnelian; Peach aventurine; Coral; Sunstone; Yellow Jasper; Amber; Goldstone; Aragonite

The solar plexus chakra is situated between the navel and the division of the ribs. This chakra is the centre for logic, reasoning and psychic development. The function for the solar plexus deals with developing the ego. It deals with will and power. When this chakra is balanced, the need to feel important and achieve outside material identity in the world is transformed into true contentment and faith that what is occurring now is what is really needed at the moment for complete spiritual growth. Visualise golden yellow and use yellow or golden crystals. Suggested stones: Tiger eye; Petrified wood; Mookaite; Yellow Aventurine; Citrine; Topaz; Honey calcite; Pyrite; Goldstone; Khalahari Picture Jasper

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THE HEART CHAKRA - Anahata - Air
The Heart chakra is located in the centre of the chest and is associated with love and compassion. It is one of the most important of the body centres. It is said that if this chakra is open, all the other chakras will come into alignment with it. This binding force is the power that merges, harmonises and bonds. It is also a power that seeks to combine the qualities of the spirit descending from above with those of matter ascending from below. Visualise green to balance this chakra and work with all shades of green (or pink) stones. Suggested stones: Malachite; Green apatite; Jade; Buddstone; Green Amethyst; Lime Calcite; Fluorite; Chrysocolla; Moss agate; Green jasper; Emerald; Peridot; Serpentine; Prehnite; Unakite; Amazonite; Pink: Lepidolite; Peach aventurine; Rhodonite; Rhodochrosite; Rose Quartz; Ruby in Zoisite;

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THE THROAT CHAKRA - Vishuddha - Ether
The Throat chakra is positioned at the centre of the neck and externalises as the thyroid gland. The function of this chakra is communication, creativity and speaking high truths. When this chakra is balanced, the cosmic laws of the creator and life are understood and lived. One will have calmness, serenity, purity, a melodious voice and a good command of speech. Visualise blue to balance this chakra and use blue stones from from light to medium. Suggested stones: Blue lace agate; Blue storm; Chalcedony; Blue moss agate; Blue Tiger Eye; Blue calcite; Azurite; Chrysocolla; Turquoise; Larimar; Lapis; Blue obsidian; Celestite; Aquamarine;

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THE BROW CHAKRA - Ajna - Thought / Telepathy
The Brow Chakra, is situated just behind the forehead and on a level with the eyebrows, externalises as the pituitary gland. The function of this chakra is clear seeing and intuitive sight. When this chakra is balanced and opened, the third eye is able to see clairvoyantly. Intuitive knowledge is available for help in making decisions. If the brow chakra is blocked, malfunctions such as eye strain, headaches or blindness. Visualise indigo or dark blue and use deep and dark blue stones. Suggested stones: Iolite; Sapphire; Blue Goldstone; Lavikite; Lapis; Azurite; Sodalite; Dumortierite; Labradorite;

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THE CROWN CHAKRA - Sahasrara - Spirit / Wisdom
The crown chakra located at the top of the head influences the pituitary gland because it is concerned with the higher purpose and direction of life the Soul's purpose-the imprint of which is gained from the Soul with which it is connected. The function to this chakra deals with perfect understanding and having a higher wisdom and Divine Light. To balance this chakra, visualise violet and work with mauve and purple stones. Suggested stones; Amethyst; Lepidolite; Lilac Jade; Fluorite; Labradorite; Sugilite; Charoite; Kunzite; Tanzanite;

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