Astrology History
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The great cycle or year of the stars takes approximately 25,000 years in astrological terms; and is repeated on a smaller scale by the sun moving through the heavens and each Zodiacal sign. The ages change when the sun is located in a different zodiac sign at the time of the Spring or Vernal Equinox. Currently, it is in March (Pisces) but is moving towards Aquarius. It moves backwards, so each following sign is the one preceding it in the yearly march. It is not realised that spring, summer, autumn and winter are not fixed and change through the centuries. 

Therefore each age of approximately 2000 years is governed by a sign, denoting the character of the whole planet, including the people born then. There is no doubting that the generation born since the war and affected by the approaching Age of Aquarius are vastly and fundamentally different from our parents or grandparents. This is not just due to changing mores and superficial media influences. It is a much more far reaching change and will result in a world which will be unimaginable even to those of us who are prepared to dream the impossible dream.

Recorded history is not sufficient to tell the story of astrology. It is an ancient scientific art that goes back far into the mists of time.  The Age of Leo, 11,000 8500 BC  This was a golden age, when men worshipped and understood sun power:

Atlantis myth or legend. Despite the absence of provable facts, Atlantis still persists as a viable entity in men's minds. Archaeological evidence proves that man could have had a civilisation, such as Atlantis (or Mu as some authorities call it) which could have existed around this time. According to Edgar Cayce, the American psychic the Atlanteans perfected solar energy far beyond what we even dream of now, regenerating human bodies as well as using it for propulsion.  The occult and spiritual knowledge was of a very high order. and they had reached an extremely advanced stage of technology. Why then did it just disappear without trace. 

We do not know, we can only speculate. Certainly the glaciers which at that time were still melting had ample opportunity to cover up what was only a small part of the globe; albeit a large island, especially if there had been a cataclysm of truly awesome power, either man made or nature reasserting herself. Tradition says they they destroyed themselves and the sea covered all their land. The origin of the biblical flood! This is a story that occurs in many past civilisations, though is not a universal legend. It probably only covered part of the earth, albeit a considerable area. Evidence shows that extensive floods occurred around 12,000 - 10,500 BC, submerging land, including creating the British Isles, which previously had been part of the European mainland. This then was the age of Cancer, not surprisingly a water sign. 

Post-flood - the age of Gemini (6,574BC - 4,416BC) when information and culture was spread far and wide and writing was first discovered and used. It is perhaps no coincidence that the first books of the bible date from around this time. 

Legend say groups of wise men were able to escape the flood and brought some of their knowledge to the rest of the world. Did these groups scatter to become the Greek and Roman Gods after which the planets were named; the Celtic and Viking Gods; The ancient scrolls of India write of 'Gods' flying in viyama, and using machines to wage war on a huge scale. The Aztecs worshipped Quetzecoatl a white skinned, golden haired heroic God who came from 'elsewhere' and taught them about agriculture and supposedly brought them fire. This is the South American version of the Greek Titan who brought fire from the heavens and was punished by the gods. The Egyptians believed in a group of Gods who were very real to them. All ancient people treated their Gods as if they were real personages, larger than life, but nevertheless more human than the monotheistic God of Christianity.

Then the Age of Taurus (4,416BC - 2,500BC); an earth sign, a sign of farming, the first settlements established on the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates and later the Egyptian Nile. Money and commerce flourished for the first time. Building, farming, money - all characteristic of the taurean. Bull worship was common during this time, Enlil Lord Air formed part of the Sumerian supreme triad and worshipped as an earth god. At this time, also greek legend says that Zeus mated with Europa in the form of a bull and carried her off to found a new land (Europe).

This age was also dominated by the building of huge monuments - the pyramids, Stonehenge, Mayan and Aztec temples.

These centuries were called the dark ages as we know little about them, except from archaeology, myths and legends, but more is being discovered all the time. Therefore, the legends and myths which have come down to us came through word of mouth, bards were revered and welcomed everywhere. The strength of these legends shows that they have basis in fact, imprinted on race memories, to survive through the centuries.

The Age of Aries 2500BC  A martial sign, so not surprising that invasion forces and wars on a large scale were prevalent, culminating with the Roman Empire, Japanese and Chinese empires. This period was also an energetic one and saw the beginning of modern science and philosophy. Important advances were made in mathematics, geometry, astronomy and geography. 

The first historic astrologers were the Babylonians or Chaldeans in ancient Mesopotamia. Aries is the sign of the ram and around this time they worshipped a figure, which was usually depicted as a young man carrying a lamb.

Christianity took this figure, as well as many other symbols from various old religions. These symbols were very deeply buried in the common psyche and could not be eradicated, so were incorporated in the new religion, together with sacred sites.

It was the beginning of mathematics, as we now know it. They observed the skies and named at least two constellations, Pleiades and Orion. They started astrological lore and classified the 12 zodiacal signs. There were no personal horoscopes, they were used only for the hopes of the nation. It became the basis of a state religion and they kept the whole system shrouded in mystery. As with all political weapons its forecasts were not always truthful, but used to control or placate the populace. 

In Egypt, around this time, the first historical dynasty of the pharaohs was evolving around the sun god Ra and it is said they imported astrology from Babylon.  The old testament often refers to astrology and it was cultivated by the ancient Israelites. Under the Egyptians it was also used by the priesthood who frequently debased its use. 

Around 1000BC the Assyrians conquered the Babylonians who then became nomads and took with them the knowledge of astrology to the Western world, and so to the 

Age of Pisces 600BC  The Greeks ignored astrology for a time, but as the Babylonian knowledge was used, they began to make astounding discoveries including trigonometry which is the basis now for astronomical calculations.  Aristarchus of Samos theorised that the earth revolved around the sun about 300BC, but it was discounted until Copernicus rediscovered this fact.  Hipparchus discovered the precision of equinoxes around 150BC and after that he set out to calculate all the fixed stars, but subsequently found they moved, a phenomenon that could only be explained by equinoctial precession. So he was able to work out the mean motion of the moon. 

Gradually the Greeks began to use astrology and their contribution was massive. They quickly developed their own technique and sought to learn and use individual horoscopes. 

The Age of Pisces, seeks through suffering to dissolve the bonds which bind us to hierarchical authority. Leading us into the Age of Aquarius and personal freedom and responsibility. 

Under the Greeks, astrology became an interpretive medium and they believed it should be used to help mankind to avoid pitfalls. They believed only fools accept blind fate. A guide or map to locate problems. 

Then it was taken up by the Romans who found it preferable to readings from the intestines of animals and a lot less unpleasant. Astrology flourished and became bound up with religious life. 

Augustus in 33BC banished all astrologers and soothsayers, even though he was a believer, as he was afraid of its influence. He even had a coin struck with his sign of Capricorn ruling the world. 

Around the second century AD Ptolemy drew together the threads of astronomy and astrology and put them into two books entitled Almagest and Tetrabiblios. These and his other discoveries earned him the title Father of Modern Astrology.  Astrology is based on the apparent movements of the heavenly bodies. 

As Christianity began to spread, Astrology seemed to wane, but this was only illusion another Piscean trait.  The Arabs continued to use astrology even as Europe turned its back, and it was this knowledge which was reintroduced by the moors when they conquered Spain. 

Modern astrology reemerged around the 14th Century. The Church thought it was a direct threat and tried to ban it mostly because it was essentially misunderstood by the clergy, who at that time tended to be fairly ignorant and hidebound by orthodox views handed down from those who wished to keep the populace in ignorance, and therefore, retain power. 

The Bible was edited to ensure that a select band of people could control the masses; as it was often the only book which common people had access to, until the invention of the printing press and mass production.

Astrology was used by Queen Elizabeth I to plan the time of her coronation by her personal astrologer Dr Dee, and it is reputed that it would ensure she founded a nation which would grow and expand for at least 300 years.  Kepler, Galileo, William Lilley, Isaac Newton and Nostradamus used astrology and believed implicitly in it.

As we approach the Aquarian Age we can already see its influences every day with communism, essentially a Piscean concept giving way to a more individualistic way of running societies. Even though the old ways tend to cling and authoritarian regimes still hang on, these are just the last rumblings before we move to a more settled, peaceful and caring outward looking society, essentially Aquarian. 

Everyone knows their sun sign, but how many know that this is only one influence in their character and destiny. How often when you read a basic sun sign character do you think, that is not me. This is because your planet placements and rising sign are just as important. These change constantly and that is why no two people are ever quite the same, unless they were born at exactly the same time and in the same place, as with twins, though even here there are slight differences.

Does Astrology ever preclude free will, it is a question that has concerned many people for thousands of years. Or is it that we have the free will to choose the path we are meant to take. Astrology only governs part of our lives, parents, environment and other outside influences also play a part in what we choose to call our destiny.  It is no more nor less than a map or guide to help us make the best choices and to avoid some of the pitfalls on the road to happiness.

Two people faced with the same decision will make different choices. Our will, like the sun sits behind our choosing and our ascendant personality gives meaning to this choice and of necessity makes it different from another’s.

Everyone is a mixture of sun sign, ascendant and planet placements, combined with other familial and environmental pressures; this is what makes astrology so exciting and why everyone is different. 

Each sign is in one of four basic elements.    

        • FIRE       Aries, Leo, Sagitarius
        • EARTH     Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
        • AIR Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
        • WATER    Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

The fire signs provide energy, warmth and enthusiasm. Out of control, the negative side can consume and devour that which they most desire. 

Earth signs have a practicality combined with a natural ability for dealing sensibility and efficiently with the material world. Allowing the negative side too much reign can produce cautious and dull materialism.

Air signs express the mental energy, combining a clear headed ability to handle ideas and new concepts with effective communication. On the negative side this can mean that the intellect reigns supreme, giving a cold and remote personality, showing little humanity.

Compassion and emotions rule the Water signs, giving them a sensitivity when dealing with others. Although water can cleanse and refresh, when allowed out of control it floods and drowns all around it. 

The signs are also divided into three basic Qualities.    

        • CARDINAL   Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn 
        • FIXED      Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius   
        • MUTABLE   Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces

The Cardinal signs are well suited to starting a venture; pioneering and creative. Power and independence, however, can turn to impatience and ruthlessness if self-motivation takes over.

Fixed signs have determination, loyalty and consistence. If a chart shows strong fixed signs, he will persevere until his goal is reached. The less desirable traits are stubborness, intolerance and an inability to deal with or accept change.

Mutable signs have an adaptability and flexibility which enables them to bend rather than break. Conversely, they can suffer from a lack of perseverance and purpose, allowing life to scatter their energies without achieving anything.

We will not deal here with the supposed compatibility of signs as this is totally misleading and compatibility is based on more subtle comparisons than overt characteristics.

How can planets influence a person's life? Sceptics always use this, together with 'how can only twelve signs be used to denote character and tell the future'. Despite this, there are few people today who do not at least know their own sun sign.  Essentially, they are correct. Twelve signs cannot be used. Astrology is a science and used properly it takes not twelve signs, but 12 sign combinations, and that is only for a simple character reading. Add to that all the house placements, aspects and oppositions etc and you have a virtually unique birth chart.

It can only be used as sign posts towards a better life, pointing out the pitfalls and the dangers as well as the opportunities which exist, it is not meant to govern your every action or thought, and it is very dangerous to take it as such. It is meant only to guide you towards a better life not engender a fatalistic outlook. 

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