Chakra Colours

Red - First Chakra – Base of Spine - Bones, Colon, Legs, Kidneys, Spinal column

Red is the dominant colour of the base chakra and is the colour that earths us to this planet. Red is a powerful energiser and stimulant and related to masculine energy/ This is the colour with the slowest wave length, it is at the heat end of the spectrum and represents fire.

Red is the symbol of life, strength and vitality. In the aura a clear bright red shows generosity, ambition and affection. Darker or deep reds indicate deep passion, love, courage, hatred, anger etc. It is too powerful a stimulant to be used much in therapy, especially if there is anxiety or emotional disturbance. The exception is the base chakra, here it is used to clear blockages and bring this energy centre back into balance.

When used in conjunction with its complementary colour of turquoise, it is beneficial for infections. The red increases the blood circulation and the turquoise helps reduce inflammation. In reflexology, these two colours are used on the reflex zones related to any part of the body where there is inflammation.

garnet cross

Orange – Second Sacral Chakra – Bladder, Prostate, Reproductive System, Spleen

Orange is the dominant colour of the sacral chakra and is related to the female reproductive organs and the adrenal glands. It is akin to the feminine energy - the energy of creation. It is more gentle than the dynamic masculine red, but is complementary to it. Therefore, these two colours should worked in balance and harmony. Orange is the colour of joy and dance.

Orange is the symbol of energy. In the aura, a bright clear orange denotes health and vitality. An excess of orange in the aura shows an abundance of vital dynamic force.

This colour is also associated with the spleenic chakra. It is through this chakra that prana or etheric energy is absorbed, split up into the individual colours of the spectrum and distributed to the relevant chakra. Orange is a good colour to use for fatigue and exhaustion. 

orange calcite pebbles

Yellow – third solar plexus Chakra - Stomach, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, muscles

Yellow is the symbol of the mind and intellect and is the dominant colour of the solar plexus chakra. This energy centre controls the digestive system and helps to purify the body through its eliminating action on the liver and intestines.

In the aura, golden yellow denotes high soul qualities, a pale primrose yellow, great intellectual power.

The yellow rays carry positive magnetic currents which are inspiring and stimulating. Yellow is the colour of detachment and if used in excess, a person can become detached from people and the environment.

tiger eye pyramid 2

Green – Fourth Heart Chakra - Arms, Breathing, Hands, Heart, Thymus

Green is the midway colour in the spectrum being neither at the hot or the cold end. It is the colour of balance. harmony and sympathy and is the dominant colour of the heart chakra.

In the aura, bright, clear greens symbolise good qualities, light greens prosperity and success, mid green adaptability and versatility, clear green sympathy. An excess of green in the aura denotes individualism and independence.

Green has antiseptic properties enabling it to be used for infections, which is why green is now used for garments in operating theatres. It can detoxify the body and bring the negative and positive energies into balance. It also balances the body mind and spirit. When these three aspects of a person are brought into balance, it creates wholeness.

aventurine buddha smpk

Green will cleanse the etheric body when administered through the throat chakra. Being the dominant colour of the heart chakra it can also be used to treat certain heart disorders. If the disorder stems from an emotional origin - rose pink and pale violet should be used instead.

Pink (complementary colour to green) - Heart, emotions .

A calm, gentle and subtle colour. It is related to the actions of the base and heart chakras and helps to bring emotions and sensitivity into daily life. Rose quartz can be used as a calming and tranquilising stone

small rhodochrosite tree

Blue – Fifth Throat chakra - Mouth, Throat Area, Speech

Blue is the dominant colour of the throat chakra and lies at the cold end of the spectrum. It symbolises inspiration, devotion, peace and tranquillity. This makes it an excellent colour to use with meditation and in places of healing.

In the aura, a clear deep blue shows pure religious feeling, a pale ethereal blue, devotion to a noble ideal and bright blue loyalty and inspiration. An excess of blue in the aura signifies an artistic, harmonious nature and spiritual understanding.

This colour can be used as a protection. To do this, visualise yourself putting on a long blue cloak which reaches down to your feet, with a hood which you place over your head. Fasten the cloak with its full length zip. As you fasten your cloak so you protect yourself from any outside influence or negative energies. You allow to enter only that which you choose.

Unlike red, blue is a colour that slows down and expands. It is used to treat tension, fear, palpitations and insomnia. When blue is administered with its complementary colour orange, it brings about a state of peaceful joy.

Indigo Sixth - Third eye Chakra - Hearing, Smelling, Vision, Pituitary

Indigo is the colour of the third eye, the psychic area of the mind. It is related to perception, understanding and intuition, linked to a deep sense of peace and being connected to the source. 

celestite small 1
sodalite 2 40mm

Violet – Seventh Crown Chakra - Nerves, Thought, Will Power, Action

Violet is the colour of spirituality, self respect and dignity, the colour is related to insight and the higher self. It is an inspirational colour. Many musicians, poets and painters have written that their moments of greatest inspiration came when they were surrounded by violet.

Violet is the dominant colour of the crown chakra. In the aura, deep purple denotes high spiritual attainment and holy love. It proclaims the divine radiance. A pale lilac shows cosmic consciousness and love for humanity. A blueish purple transcendent idealism.

dark amethyst

White - Spirit, Intuition, higher consciousness

White and clear light reflects the universality and clarity at the centre of all wisdom. White light reflects and enhances all around; it symbolises the potential within all energies.  

These can be used for increasing and supporting other stones; white contains all the spectrum colours and reflects the energies. These are used for clarity, cleansing and purification. These should be used for cleansing tensions gently from the emotions. Used also to amplify the mind and vivid recall of dreams states.

rainbow moonstone rings

Black - Hidden, Unknowing

Black absorbs light; it will help to discover the hidden potential of any situation. It is solidifying and manifesting. 

It holds the energies quietly within and requires patience to explore fully. Black stones should be used for grounding, acting as energy anchors.  Many have a purifying role, revealing hidden aspects so that they can be dealt with.  They can also be used in a protective role.

Multi-coloured - Mutual benefit, support

black tourmaline cuff bracelet

There are many gem stones and minerals which are multi-coloured. These can be used for a variety of reasons. Stones with two-colour combination have specific functions determined by those colours. These can be used to enhance and balance other stones. 

ocean jasper tumble